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Submission Guidelines

Due to the large number of inquiries we receive we ask that you please use this form for our initial contact. By providing us with a thorough explanation of yourself and your work, we can very quickly decide about representation.

Please only fill this form out ONE time for ONE manuscript. Choose the one you feel is your best work. If accepted, we will discuss your other works with you later in the process.

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What You Can Expect From Us

We know that forms like this take time to fill out and we thank you in advance for your commitment and time. We pledge to reply to you within 2-5 business days. Sometimes, due to spam, email can slip through the cracks, so if you haven't heard from us in that timeframe, please be sure to email us a follow-up inquiry.

Most likely, our reply will be a few additional questions or comments related to the information that you sent us. If we believe that you have potential we will ask you to either email us, or mail us, a copy of your work.

Because we know what we are looking for we usually can make a final decision within 2-4 weeks of receiving all your materials.


If you receive an error message after you hit the "Submit" button, please email 
form @ wlchildrensagency.com 
with the answers to these questions.

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